360° Accountability

Teachers, students, parents, and administrators, all informed and accountable for student achievement. It’s a dream that sadly goes unrealized in most schools. It takes hard work and the right tools. It requires transparency and collaboration between stakeholders. It requires authenticated, authorized access to data so that everyone can be informed of student learning. It requires a clear understanding of who’s responsible for what, so that a true team can form around each student. Educators, parents, and students are busy enough as it is, so it requires a new way of thinking, one that focuses on efficiency while building capacity for a new level of shared responsibility.  At Silverback we call this 360° Accountability. 360° Accountability changes the conversation in schools because it effectively puts parents, students, teachers, and school administrators in lock-step towards improved student achievement.  A legacy data warehouse can’t do that, a Student Information System can’t do that,  the leading Instructional Improvement Systems and Learning Management Systems can’t do that. 360° Accountability requires a Student Achievement Solution. It requires Mileposts.

Silverback Mileposts 360 degree accountability

Mileposts’ built-in accountability agreements help student, parent, teacher, and school leaders communicate the goals and responsibilities for every stakeholder on every student.


Intuitive dashboards help teachers know what plans and interventions apply to their students, which progress monitors are due next, and how their entire class is performing on key assessments.


Administrative dashboards let school leaders quickly analyze performance of standard and defined subgroups of students compared to school and district populations across key performance indicators.


Mileposts is the only system to have it all: planning, intervention, content, assessment, behavior, and more, so school administrators can gain unprecedented insights on the instructional strategies being used and the outcomes they produce, allowing leaders to allocate shrinking budget and resources wisely to successful programs across their district, or retool, retrain, or eliminate programs that aren’t showing return on investment.



Mileposts Features