Educators don’t have time to piece together data from dozens of systems. Mileposts brings state, district, school, and classroom data together through a simple, straightforward process that requires minimal assistance from school personnel. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) infrastructure allows users to connect from anywhere and collaborate naturally and securely. Because it’s built on open industry-standards, Mileposts is also easier and less costly to interface with your other mission-critical systems. Don’t mess with solutions that make you sacrifice valuable instructional time to enter data and distribute reports. Get Mileposts and let your teachers get back to teaching.


Mileposts’ cloud-based SaaS architecture not only lowers capital expense, design and deployment time and costs, and ongoing operational costs, it also allows teacher collaboration to happen instantly and effortlessly. Our FERPA-compliant user scoping means that only personnel and parents that need to see the data actually do see the data. Our open standards-based compatibility encourages “plug and play” of existing and new solution partners and technologies.


The Mileposts SIS-synch process automatically exports student information from your local Student Information System (such as Powerschool, Infinite Campus, Skyward, Schoolmaster, iPass and more) on a nightly basis. Users are able to see the same students and class rosters in Mileposts that they see in their local SIS, without requiring end-user data entry or data manipulation.


District coordinators load state and district assessments through a flexible data model, so teachers can maximize instructional time. File upload capabilities make it easy to support inclusion of third party supporting data for a student’s portfolio (example: Dibels, AIMSweb). Every Mileposts installation comes with full integration of your state and most valuable district assessments, plus the tools and training to upload your own plus have the flexibility to allow teacher data-entry from the classroom.


The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) DesCartes Resolution feature allows NWEA Measures of Academic Process (MAP) assessment users to resolve assessment scores into specific learning objectives in the DesCartes Continuum of Learning® and display those in Silverback Mileposts. Teachers can select students and launch group or individual interventions pinpointed to student need, right from the Mileposts NWEA MAP data views (optional purchase.)



Mileposts Features