Intervention Management

Interventions and instructional strategies for the classroom and beyond are easy to apply to individuals or groups and record from start to finish in Mileposts.  Response to Intervention (RtI) is straightforward and simple with Mileposts’ tier-based intervention templates aligned to your organization’s instructional strategies.  Based on the full picture of student data available in Mileposts, you can quickly create and affix interventions to student learning plans, maximizing the purpose and context of those interventions for the student, the parent, and everyone on the plan team.  Attach progress monitors to interventions to easily document changes in instructional strategy and the resulting effects on student achievement and attitude.

Silverback Mileposts Progress Monitoring Graph

Create group or individual interventions from any Mileposts data view with a single click.  Monitor those interventions from inception to close out, with automatic group filtering so you can quickly scan a variety of performance indicators applied to the cohort group.

Create Group Intervention

Glide through an easy setup process with a system built to follow NCRTI guidelines, so you can choose from tier-based interventions and instructional strategies that already exist within your school system, along with customized procedures to coach you through each step of the intervention.

Mileposts Intervention Creation Wizard

Students, parents, and educators benefit from individual progress monitoring graphs that track a clear view of student progress toward goals. Graphs include goal lines, trend lines, and instructional strategy change lines based on intervention data in Mileposts, combined with data you input from your own probes or probes from external systems.  Each progress monitor can track multiple measures, giving you maximum flexibility in the data you record with each intervention.

Mileposts Progress Monitoring Graphing

Administrators benefit from an aggregate picture of the interventions and instructional strategies being used throughout their schools, and the perceived versus real effect on achievement.

Mileposts Interventions by School


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