Parent Portal

For the first time ever, schools can bring teacher, parent, and student together to communicate student growth in the context of personalized learning goals, performance toward those goals, and supplemental digital resources to assist students in achieving those goals.  The Mileposts Parent Portal offers secure, instant access to the data that teachers use to guide individual instruction.  Parents and students can check in on personalized learning plans, assessment scores, and the latest information on intervention strategies and progress for every student in the family.  Access to certain portal features can be enabled according to the access guidelines of your specific district or school system.  Our secure registration process and encrypted data model ensures safe and secure delivery of student information.

Keep up-to-date on state and district assessment scores as soon as they appear in Mileposts, for every student in your family.  Look back at historical assessment records and easily track growth for your student.  Know how your student’s performance stacks up against grade level.


Become a vital member of the plan team and check in on the specific parent responsibilities as well as all of the other important details in your student’s personalized learning plan.


Keep in step with student assignments in real-time as they are assigned and completed in Mileposts via our Gooru integration.  Gooru digital assignments made by teachers in Mileposts appear automatically in the portal, where they can be played and replayed on your device as well as your student’s device.


Adaptive portal display technology means you’ll be able to securely access your information from all of your devices:  PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.





Mileposts Features