Silverback Mileposts

The Mileposts platform can be used as a district or school's data aggregator bringing data from all solutions into Mileposts making the personalized path to success easy to plan out on the individual level.

Personalized Learning Plans

Tailor for academic need or learner type for any district or school need via customizable templates.

Longitudinal Learning Portfolio

Testing accommodations & designated supports can be shared and maintained across assessment platforms.

Multi-Tiered Intervention System (MTSS/RTI)

A customizable platform providing real-time data that supports teams' needs for effective decision making.

Parent Portal

Bring parents into the loop with login access to their students learning plans, assessment scores, interventions, strategies, and current progress.

Spotlighted Initiatives

A powerful solution enabling districts to effectively engage in, and deliver on, key initiatives.

  • K-12 Plans & Interventions
  • ELL/ELA Programs
  • MS/HS Differentiated Lessons
  • Multi-tiered System of Supports
  • Project Based Learning Plans
  • In-Depth Analytics & Insights
  • Behaviour Support
  • “Whole Child” Eco-System

Student Parent Portal

Parents can view learning plans, assessment scores, and the latest intervention strategies & progress for every student in the family.

Students can receive and study Gooru assignments and view learning plans.

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Districts have ultimate control over the Mileposts functions and data that parents and students can access.

Boise State Whitepaper

Efficacy Study:

Boise State University conducted a study on the effectiveness of Mileposts and EdifyAssess combined to investigate whether a whole district's use of the software was an effective way to improve student achievement and college readiness.